Rabbi Jonathan Z. Maltzman serves the Rockville, Maryland community as the rabbi and spiritual leader of the Kol Shalom synagogue. The leader of the Conservative congregation, Jonathan Z. Maltzman takes an active role in stewarding the community by teaching a number of classes for both children and adults and engaging in couples counseling. He serves as the local Rabbinical Assembly volunteer providing Jewish divorces for couples in need.

Beginning with Kol Shalom in 2002, Jonathan Z. Maltzman worked diligently to grow his congregation to over 270 families and raise millions of dollars to construct a new building that ultimately earned a LEED Gold rating. Additionally, Rabbi Maltzman has worked to make the Kol Shalom Synagogue a space open to all those wishing to engage with their faith, welcoming all types of families, including members of the LGBT community and intermarried couples. In 2005, his alma mater, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America granted him an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his 25-year career serving the Jewish community.

Rabbi Maltzman is a longtime member of the Rabbinical Assembly of America. He remains active in the broader community through a number of charitable campaigns and continues to promote social welfare projects. He has organized a number of fundraising events for MAZON, an organization that feeds those in need in America and across the world.

Jonathan Z Maltzman | Kol Shalom